Real Time Vehicle Bike Car Kids Pet GPS Tracking GSM/GPRS/GPS Tracke CAIRUTE Mini Portable Global Locator

Communication frequency: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz

Charging input: Input AC110-220V 50/60Hz

Charge output: Output, DC5.0V, 500mA

Battery standard: Chargeable changeable 3.7V

500mAH Li-ion battery

Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C

Operating temperature: -20°C to +55°C

Accessories: host data line manual packing box.

Application notes:

This product uses most new technology has the advantages of small size, clear voice, standby time, simple operation, stable performance, convenient installation and other advantages. Mainly used for home monitoring, children, the elderly, pet care, supervision function, automobile anti-theft tracking warehouse).

On / off: open the rear cover, put the SIM card into the deck automatically boot. Boot, light for 10 seconds, until the indicator light goes out, cover the use of the back cover. When not in use, directly put out the card.

Listen to the environment: after start-up, dial the alarm number, connected after waiting for five seconds can be heard around the machine check location conditions within 10 meters.

Voice activated callback: use mobile phone or fixed line to get through the SIM number in the alarm, hear the sound around 3 seconds, hang up, that is set successfully. When the alarm is 10 meters 45 decibels, the alarm will automatically dial the number set.

1111- voice 0000- sound off

LBS location: the user edits the uppercase letter “DW” (the foreign user edits “GPS”) to the alarm, and in a minute or so replies a message containing address / latitude / url content.

SOS emergency call: edit the text content of the capital letter “SOS” to set the alarm, success directly after the long press SOS button above three seconds, the alarm call back to direct the binding number.

Operating frequency: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz

Standby time: use voice control, standby for 5-7 days; without voice control, standby for 12-15 days

Matters needing attention:

1, the new machine should be full of electricity before use to achieve the best results

2, charger standard: 5.0V 500MA, so as not to damage the host.

3, installation, please note that the GSM network signal strength, do not install in no signal or weak signal of place, so as not to affect the use effect.

4, no lights, battery, charging after use.

5, the phone card, re boot or charging after testing.

6, do not automatically answer, restart the card.

7, do not return information, please check the SIM card has no arrears, check the SIM card message is full, empty and try again.

Boot: press the switch button for 5 seconds, until the flashing lights. Then 30 seconds: if the indicator light, said locator is normal.

If the indicator blinks slowly every 2 seconds, it indicates that the locator is not normal. The reason may be that the SIM card is not plugged in or there is no network signal
The boot after the success of light will turn off. 15 seconds after the lights go off.

Turn off: press the switch button for 5 seconds, lights flashing is loosened, if you don\’t loose after flashing after a key words 3 seconds and boot

The boot after the success of the locator will be in the standby state. Press the key light and immediately release the indicator lights up immediately, and then go out, that is turned on; light press to open the key and immediately release, the indicator light does not shine, that has been shut down successfully.

Mobile phone short message editing code sent to: DW The inside of the mobile phone number, automatic reply Chinese address information such as: [XX XX XX city road building around XX meters]

Support 2-3H monitor call, 10 minutes positioning, continuous positioning 24H, pure standby for more than 10 days

SMS: send it by ordinary short message, its SMS charge is ordinary SMS cost, it is recommended to open monthly payment

Call: call will be generated after the call charges, the cost of local operators according to the telephone tariff standards

GPRS: use the base station location, function are required by the GPRS to achieve, such as positioning, positioning, the operator to send DW messages to Globalink, after receiving the order will own the current global base station ID by GPRS upload to the server, the server generates specific location information by parsing the ID, send instructions the return to the global pass, the location information to the operator.